Measurement: Multitouch Attribution

Measure Across Touchpoints

How do you measure each channel’s contribution to achieving a business goal? Being people-based when attributing marketing activities to conversions helps you tie together different touchpoints, from social posts to TV ads. With LiveRamp’s deterministic, people-based approach to attribution, you’ll be able to optimise your media mix and ensure you’re not over- or underspending.

People-Based Attribution

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Attribute customer touchpoints at the individual level

Did one person see my ad multiple times or did many people see it once? This is an impossible question to answer without identifying customers accurately. LiveRamp switches your view from cookie- and device-based data to people-based, allowing you to better understand how a consumer interacts with various touchpoints and how your media works together across devices.

Fill in the Gaps

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Connect to more data sources

Achieve greater accuracy and certainty over your multi-touch attribution model with additional data sources. Through LiveRamp’s data marketplace, you can source additional high-quality, privacy-compliant datasets to gain the most complete and consolidated view of every customer’s journey.

Get the Full Picture

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Visualise your most valuable customer journeys

With online and offline data sources resolved to a unique consumer, you can more accurately allocate credit to the messages, offers, campaigns, and channels that drive the highest conversions. Use these insights to optimise multimedia media spend in-flight and drive more valuable outcomes.

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